Respect for people throught respect for the environment: the activities of nonprofit companies in the field of environmental protection for the "creation of social capital".

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The research intends to analyse the development of the organizations operating in the field of environmental protection, both those whose goal is to sensitize to the environmental issues and those whose activities actually regard the protection of environmental, cultural, monumental resources. After singling out the main organizations operating in the areas of highest economic development, the research proposes an analysis of their models of corporate governance, their applied resources, chosen targets and achievements as well as the prospects of the issue of the sustainable development in the present situation of global crisis. In the third part the research aims at pointing out a series of instruments and indicators that permit to internalize efficaciously the environmental variable and the respect for persons in the choices of private and public operators. The thesis underlying this research is that only a revival of values of respect for people through the respect for environment where people live, can permit to define a model of sustainable development allowing future generation to benefit from the resources that the present generation is using, often in an incorrect way.

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