An Overview on the Evolution of the Corporate Governance in the People's Republic of China.

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The situation in the world economy today is characterized by the continuous growth of the Asian countries especially of China, which has managed to surpass Japan and it is close to achieving the world record. The objective of this research is to analyze the models of corporate governance adopted by Chinese companies to verify their contribution to the growth of the national economy. After a historical analysis to detect changes in place by the Chinese companies also to consider the evolution of the Corporate Governance Code for listed companies in China, the analysis is then focused on the internal structures related to the operation of corporate bodies and relations between them. Finally, thanks to an empirical analysis carried out on a sample of 7 Chinese listed companies, State and private, it was found that the main feature of the Chinese economy still remains the strong presence of the State in all areas especially those strategic. Many listed companies are controlled directly or indirectly by the State, even in many private companies charges placed at the top management are covered by members of the Communist Party, which could be a limitation for the continued growth of China


Autore: Roberta Provasi



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